NYC Kosher Dining Made Easy – Your Complete Guide


The bustling city of New York is home to hundreds of amazing restaurants, food stalls, and food parks. NYC’s rich and exciting culinary scene is one of the main reasons why thousands of tourists – both local and foreign – flock here each day. Among the hundreds of cuisines featured in the restaurants here, kosher cooking is probably one of the favorites of tourists as well as locals.

What is kosher cuisine?

A lot of people think that kosher food is any food item blessed by a Jewish spiritual leader called a Rabbi. In truth, it’s never really like that. Kosher is a Jewish term which translates to ‘appropriate’ or ‘fit’ in the English language. Basically, Hebrews make use of a systematic guide when selecting which types of food items they should consume.

Restaurants which serve kosher food need to apply for a license from an inspection Rabbi. The process involves filling out a form, paying the license fee and waiting for the inspecting body to check the ingredients plus manufacturing processes used in the restaurant. After a successful assessment, the Rabbi in charge will issue a KLBD certificate.

Are there any Kosher restaurants in NYC?

Thanks to the growing Jewish community in the Big Apple, you don’t have to worry about finding a restaurant that serves kosher food. A fine example of kosher paradise is the Kasbah Grill. They serve meals like the Mediterranean mixed grill, Vegetarian Antipasto, and International Hors d’oeuvres. You can check out their full menu at 

Another popular Kosher restaurant is Pizza del Sol. They serve mouth watering pizza garnished with loads of melted cheese and mushrooms. They’re open to serve you the finest kosher pizza in the metro from Mondays to Fridays.

Other notable Kosher food places you can add to your restaurant shopping checklist includes Mocha Burger, By Chloe, and Marani. These places are always filled with hungry guests who demand nothing but the best. Most of these places accept walk-ins but it’s better to call in advance to book your reservation.

Is it expensive to dine in a kosher restaurant in NYC?

Generally speaking, Kosher meals or food items tend to cost higher compared to regular ones. This is because of the meticulous production process involved. For example, in order to produce kosher meat, butchers need to ensure that the animal went through a quick and painless procedure; otherwise, it can’t be declared as a kosher food item. Expect to pay at least 10% more than the usual when you order food from a kosher restaurant. Rest assured, you will receive a sumptuous dish that you will truly enjoy.

Nowadays, lots of people dine in Kosher restaurants even if they are non-Jewish. And this is all thanks to the assured quality and cleanliness of the food served. There are countless of KLBD certified restaurants and food stalls all around New York city. You can easily find them through Google Maps or even on social media platforms. While it might cost you a bit more to grab food from a kosher restaurant, you’re 100 percent assured of the quality of the meals served.

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