The 3 Main Steps for Acquiring a Boating License

0 offers boating courses and the Canadians transport ministry approves it. We offer online or classroom training to make you knowledgeable about boat safety. When you register with us, your personal information remains confidential, and it is only used on your license if you pass the final exam.

Boat riding is the best experience for anyone. However, safety while on the water is very vital. There are several ways you can take a boat safety course: an online course, classroom course and approved home study courses. Some of these courses are free, some you pay for them, but they are not expensive. At AceBoater we mostly offer online approved courses for the Canadian citizens. The advantage of taking an online course with us is that you learn at your own speed and you only pay if you have passed the final exam. We also offer the discount if you register for an online course as a group of family or friends. Group of two 10%, a group of three 20% and a group of four 30%.

The requirement for a boating license

Every person born on or before 1982 is required by the law of Canada to have a boating license before they can ride or operate any boat. Anyone can acquire a boat license irrespective if your age. There is no minimum age requirement for a boat license. Also, a boat license can be obtained by anyone whether or not you are a resident of Canada.

How to get the boating license

Whether you are a resident or a non-resident in Canada, you cannot at any time be allowed to operate any boat in the water without the required permits. This may sound so discouraging but what it simply means is that you should get a Pleasure Craft Operator Card to get the permit to ride your boat. Acquiring the license requires is only a 3-step simple process which includes;

  1. Studying the boating course

The course is done online, and no any tuition fees are charged to the learners. However, the comprehensive course undertaken by learners must be approved by the Canadian transport ministry. The process is simple though quite involving since live-action videos and animation learning materials are incorporated in the course. On completion of the short course, as a learner, you will be evaluated to determine your ability of understanding on the course. The transport Canadian boating course is usually assessed out of all questions attempted and therefore for every learner to pass the tests, they must score above 80% out of all the problems done. However, if you do not attain the pass mark, you should not have to stress yourself, instead, try revising again because you will be required to make another attempt in 24 hours’ time.

  1. Payments and printing of temporary card acquired

After passing the boating safety tests, you will now be charged $ 39.95 as the fee to attain the temporary card. Just after you make your full payment of the card fee, you will be allowed to immediately print your card, which now you the permits you to carry out your boating activities in various areas in Canada.

  1. Receiving your temporary card through email

This occurs in two to three weeks after making your total payment of the card fee. This assures you of the permit granted by the authorities to carry out any activities in the water without any fear. You are therefore allowed to use the temporary card until your permanent boating card is ready.

The company offers the course at a convenient time and place for all the students or organizations willing to learn. No complicated procedures required and anyone can smoothly go through the course using their computers, tablets or even mobile phones and immediately acquire their cards after passing the tests.

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