Do You Want To Relax This Weekend? Book Your Stay @ Esperance Chalet Village


This pandemic has changed our lifestyle and caused a lot of stress. But, over the last few weeks, the curve has been noticeably bending and the increase in Covid-19 cases has fallen drastically. So, the Australian Government has recently announced its plans for lifting the restrictions.

After several weeks of the forced shutdown, you are super stressed so why not spend a weekend in a calm place that is surrounded by nature? Well, what better place could there be than Esperance Chalet Village?

What’s so special about Esperance Chalet Village?

Esperance Chalet Village is a quiet and an incredible place to experience. Esperance Chalet Village is one of the best Esperance holiday rentals surrounded by outstanding natural scenery and unique landscapes. In fact, Esperance is one of Western Australia’s treasures and renowned for its turquoise water, dramatic coastline, and pure white sand.

Esperance Chalet Village is the perfect location to spend your holiday or vacation or even your weekend. Esperance is not too modern or fancy but gives a traditional vibe where you could relax and refresh yourself. Maybe you want to pamper yourself or spend quality time with your children or partner. Perhaps, want to escape the busy routine life. Esperance Chalet Village is the right location.

The Esperance accommodation is set across private and peaceful grounds, surrounded by sea and lush green landscapes. The accommodation process is hassle-free and straightforward. In fact, the village offers self-check as you will be given local tips, room number, and location via text message prior to your arrival. Since the management lives on the site, there is no office or reception. There are several accommodation packages which you could choose from according to your budget and stay.

You could take the complimentary bike, hit the road, and explore the beauty of Esperance. Just explore the village and take a walk in the woods. There is a lot to do in our village. All our rooms are spacious with amenities and cozy furniture to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Here are the best things you could do during your stay in Esperance

Although the town is surrounded by beach, you could witness the best scenery along with the coast within the Cape Le Grand National park and other national parks. Yes, the parks have a huge, wild area of cost, where you could see sand beaches, bays, and a few mountain peaks which are really a treat to your eyes. With camping, hiking, and fishing, outdoor opportunities are endless.

You could hang out at cape le grand beach, check out the Lucky Bay, climb Frenchman’s peak, walk the Esperance Esplanade, head up to Rotary Lookout, explore the markets and museum, pamper yourself at the pink lake and have a drink at Lucky Bay Brewing. In fact, there are a lot of places to visit and explore in Esperance.

Book your stay today and enjoy the scenic beauty of Esperance!

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