Why to choose a cottage on your next family trip ?


The main intent behind opting for a family vacation trip is to spend the lovely & cherish able time together with each member. However difficult experiences in the chosen stay at a foreign place can hamper your holiday. Generally, people tend to book a hotel that for sure can be a convenient and easily available option. However, the emerging popularity of a cottage due makes it a more remarkable option for many to consider. Saying that we have listed some of the perks that you can enjoy while choosing to stay in Suffolk cottages during your next family trip. 

Enjoy a lovely sauna and spa all to yourself 

With no strangers around to share the sauna and spa rooms with, you can have personal and no disturbance sessions all inside your Suffolk cottages. Staying in a hotel can never offer a personal experience amid the chaos of crowds and visitors. A cottage offers valuable involvements of peaceful relaxation while you are on a trip with your family! 

Organize BBQ Sundays and bonfire nights with your loved ones 

Cottages come covered with nature all around you. With spacious outdoors, you can plan parties and spend a lovely time with just your family and friends. Who doesn’t enjoy spicy BBQ’s and their making process on a warm morning with family? Or for the wintry nights, what can be better than bonfire with marshmallows and drinks!

Say bye to costly restaurants and outdoor food

Unlike in hotels, a cottage offers you a well-furnished kitchen space where you can easily and most comfortable cook the food you like. This means, you won’t have to compromise with either your pocket by visiting restaurants daily or with your health that can become a little sour with outside food. 

Live like you own it!

The cottage experience is very natural and peaceful. You can live like the natives, explore the culture, invite your friends over to stay, and have no restrictions that are usually posed while living in a hotel including music nights. Further, the more natural and real environment of a cottage gives a rustic and warm appeal.  

Overall, in a cottage you don’t have to compromise on having different rooms booked for all your family members and friends based upon space and living restrictions in a hotel. You can stay together, eat & cook together, have lovely time in the beautiful & green outdoors with all the essentials and without disturbing other guests. 

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