4 things you didn’t know about Mumbai to Goa cruise


Mumbai to Goa cruiseis India’s first domestic cruise liner. It starts from Mumbai terminal to Goa. Most of you must have visited Goa but by different modes of transport like roadways, airways. But, for those looking for thrill and a lifetime experience, Mumbai to Goa cruiseis something that you should try. Angriya is the name of the cruise ship, named after KanhojiAngre, who was the first Maratha navy admiral. The ship was built in Japan and the maximum capacity of loading passengers is around 400 and 70 crew members at a time.

There are some facts about the ships mentioned below that you did not know:

  • Angriya might look like a brand new ship but it is a 20-years-old Japanese ship that once carried travelers from Tokyo to the island of Ogasawara. When you go inside, you can find lovely details about the Japanese signboards, Japanese washlets and a pastel-hued reading room. It mostly comes with Japanese articles all around but in the control room, every single button needs to be translated into English before operating the cruise.
  • The cruise has 104 rooms including premium rooms, luxury rooms, dormitory Japanese pods, etc. The rooms are extremely comfortable and the other amenities that are present will never let you get bored. There are two restaurants on the ship, and they serve you Chinese food, Konkani food and Indian food. The restaurants are open 24hrs as a coffee shop. Apart from these, in Mumbai to Goa cruise, you will find an on-board lounge called Fathom which was once used as giant storage. It comes with a refrigerator, six bars, an infinity pool, a dance floor, plenty of seating space and a disco hall. The best part about the ship is that there is no WiFi so you are not going to waste any time on the screen and enjoy your trip as much as you can. If you are someone who does not like noise and wants a quiet and calm place, that place is also available on the ship. You can retire to the reading room and spend time with books. There is also a special spa area where you can get some basic massage and ayurvedic therapies. There is a picture gallery and curio shop for the passengers as well.
  • In Mumbai to Goa cruise, there is a real-life Anchor from Angriya’s early days. It is the proud centerpiece of the restaurant known as the Ancora. You will find Anchor placed just in front of the wall-sized painting with the pictures that are depicting Goan sands of different colors and different textures.
  • There is a reason behind naming the onboard wellness center as ’Dry Dock Spa’. When ships are taken to a service yard for any kind of service or repair then it is called Dry-Docking. The process is that the ships are brought into a very narrow basin, all the water that was inside the ship is flooded out and the portion that got submerged will then be repaired. It is the own spa of the ship.

Tourist influx in Goa is increasing at a great rate. On average, Goa receives around 15-20 cruise vessels every year. Yes, Mumbai to Goa cruisemakes your holidays absolutely amazing and memorable. In addition to that, if you want to host weddings or any other events, you can do that on a Mumbai to Goa cruisewithout any hassle. There are various types of rooms on offer depending upon your budget, which allows you to choose the most suitable room without burning a hole in the pocket. Moreover, if you are planning to book a room overnight, you will be provided with complimentary meals as well, which makes it even more attractive. You can check https://lbb.in/mumbai/mumbai-goa-angriya-cruise/ to know more about this Mumbai to Goa cruise, Angriya.

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