4 Things You Must Do in Goa


The paradise state of the country for long, Goa has been the place for infinite memories and pictures. Being one of the biggest tourist destinations not only in India but in the world is indeed a tough task, but Goa pulls it off with aplomb. The interesting amalgamation of cultures and landscapes makes it the perfect place for any kind of trip. If you want to go partying at one of its many bars or just roam about in the morning sun to its well-known churches, Goa will let you choose whatever you want to do. With a lot of accommodation options like guest houses and resorts in Goa, staying there is not a problem at all. Here are a few things you must do in Goa on a vacation.

Water Sports

With the roaring Arabian Sea adorning its coast, it’s not a surprise that Goa is a huge hub for water sports. One of the most popular things to do, you can go scuba diving or snorkeling to feel up, close and personal with the aquatic life or just buzz around on a water scooter, feeling the cool, fresh wind of the sea. If you are adventurous enough, you can even try your hand at parasailing or boogie boarding, the latter requiring you to balance on a board for as long as you can.


The Friday market of Mapusa is a local attraction with people from nearby towns and villages putting hand-made goods and items for sale. You can avail everything from spices to jewellery and the bustle of the crowd makes you feel one with the energy of the place. Mapusa is situated near the popular Northern Goa area, so if you are staying nearby, do come down and experience the area firsthand.

Goan Architecture

When you travel to the west of Panjim, it would definitely make you feel like you have transported into a different world altogether. The Basilica of Bom Jesus and the Se de Santa Carina will hold your attention through their riveting and sustaining architecture, with the former holding the body of St. Francis Xavier. You can also learn about the state’s history through its museums which include the Naval Aviation Museum, The Archeological Museum of Old Goa and Institute Menezes Braganza.

Nightlife in Goa

The party state of the country is hugely known for its all-night party scenes that have enticed both Indian and foreign tourists. Along with regular DJ nights, Goa is also host to international events and music festivals which have famous celebrities perform for the huge crowds. The best hotels in Goa like The LaLiT also have nightclubs and bars that you can visit while you are touring the state to have a good time.

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