6 Amazing Wild Animals Found in Sri Lanka


Exploring dense green forest reserves and vibrant wildlife sanctuaries can be a beguiling experience. Sri Lanka is a wildlife wonderland; peppered all around the country are homes to thousands of birds, reptiles and mammals. Therefore, it is no wonder this place has the highest biodiversity density in Asia! Sri Lanka has been extremely popular among tourists looking for a rendezvous with wilderness. Yala, Sinharaja, Udawalawe, Wilpattu and Horton Plains are some of the most popular nature parks and forest reserves found in the country, attracting tourists round the year.

Animal lovers map a week to two-week long journey across the country to ensure they catch a glimpse of all major wild animals residing in Sri Lanka. From planning their accommodation in major cities with the ever-fantastic Yoho Bed to booking their train tickets for city hopping, the tourist-friendly measures have made it simple to explore this place to the fullest! So, whether you’re staying at a hotel in Maradana or Mirissa, reaching your preferred biodiversity park is never going to be tough. The island safari introduces you to some incredible beasts, small and big; read on to know more about some of them:

The Sri Lankan Junglefowl

The majestic bird is also known as the Ceylon JungleFowl. Its proud stance is enhanced by the pop of red colour all over, making the bird befitting of the title it owns – the national bird of Sri Lanka. They can easily be spotted at Kitugala, Yala as well as Sinharaja Forest Reserve.

Golden Palm Civet

The beautiful Golden Palm Civet is a tiny little furball you’ll spot in forest reserves in the hilly areas. When you’re on a safari, keep an eye out for a flash of golden-brown on the trees; you’ll rarely spot them on the ground! These mongoose-like creatures are endemic to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Elephant

The country has the highest density of elephants in all of Asia. The Sri Lankan Elephants are mainly spotted in the popular national parks of Udawalawe and Yala. You are likely to see them moving in herds or families. And it is always advised to view them from a distance since they still aren’t accustomed to humans around them and may come charging if you disturb them!

Sri Lankan Sloth Bear

Yala is easily among the most popular and tourist-friendly national park in Sri Lanka – a must visit for all. It is most famous for spotting the ever-elusive sloth bear, sometimes peeking from behind the trees, sometimes hanging off them.

Sri Lankan Leopard

The uniquely spotty Sri Lankan leopards are native to the country. So, no matter where you go, your chances of viewing a leopard are always on the higher side. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast staying at a hotel in Madampitiya, drive down to Yala National Park to increase your chances of capturing a breathtaking shot of the Sri Lankan Leopard.

Sambar Deer

Another majestic animal to view is the Sambar Deer known for its big, bulky body and shaggy coat. They actively roam around at night, but lounge near the water bodies during the day. Head to Yala to get a glimpse, you may just witness a ritualistic fight between males that can be an enthralling visual.

These are only some of the thousands of the wildlife beauties you will marvel at when you step on to the Sri Lankan shores. Book your tickets today for a great adventure into the wild.

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