The Best Booze Cruises in magaluf


Lots of people head over to Magaluf these days.  It is one of the biggest party destinations for all kinds of people including those going on their first ‘lads’ or ‘girls’ holidays together, couples after good nightlife, or older groups of mates maybe looking to relive their youths a little bit.

There are lots of things available to do when you are over there, but one activity that we are going to focus on now is one of the booze cruises that are available to you over there.

A booze cruise is essentially one massive party on a boat / yacht, full of, well, booze!  The Sunset Boat Party in Magaluf is the biggest award winning boat party that they have and it is full of international DJ’s.  It is really unrivalled anywhere else on the planet, and you need to experience it for yourself first hand.  Why wouldn’t you want to be part of a floating festival in the middle of the sea in the middle of the day, with (usually) weather to die for?!

The Sunset Boat Party kicks off with a pre-party at the legendary Linkers bar where you will be at the hands of DJ Sun Dance Kid who plays the very best of the summer anthems to get you in the mood.  Following this you will be taken down to the the Magaluf Pier where you will board the infamous boat party where the real fun begins!

Lots of music, lots of booze, great settings and scenery, and lots of like minded people on board.  Just how you’d want it if you were planning your own party.  As an added bonus, the party boat will stop in one location for 30 minutes just in case you fancy going overboard to take a dip in the ocean!

Operating on 5 days out of 7 per week, lasting 3 hours on each occasion, what’s to stop you going on more than one?  It’s actually a really great event, and one that will leave you talking about it to anyone you meet.  With a cost of between £50-£59 depending on whether you are standard or VIP, you will receive:

  • Two live DJ’s
  • Onboard Bar
  • Free T-Shirt
  • Guaranteed entry to the ‘Shipwrecked’ Pre-Party
  • Access to HD Photography
  • A Swim Stop
  • Guaranteed entry to the ‘Ocean Beats’ After Party
  • 2 hour all inclusive after party

For more information on this booze cruise, and other events across Magaluf, be sure to check out the Magaluf Events Company, who you can find at

Happy Cruising!

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