50 shades of gray were replaced by 50 shades of every color or how I started enjoying my life to the fullest once more in Central Pattaya


My life was as boring as the book Fifty Shades of Grey. Repeating same things and experiencing nothing new. Lost in past are those years when I was enthusiastically building my company. I used to have enough elan to share with everybody around. After all those years, my company was stable and profitable, employing only the best people available. Suddenly, I didn’t have as many goals as I used to. I didn’t want to focus on expanding further to keep the company stable. The company also didn’t need my watchful eye so much anymore and I felt that I can finally leave most of directing to my trusted employees. All those years of hard work paid off by not having to worry about my resources but left my social life unfulfilled and void of any meaningful long-term relationship with a woman and, ultimately, a family.

Please be a bustling place and have a sea view!

The interesting thing was that even after all those years I spent being in meetings and overall stressed, I haven’t longed for a place of calm. I always enjoyed being around people and having an eventful, busy day. So I decided to switch meetings for huge parties by the sea.

So in the end, I decided to move to bustling Central Pattaya. Central Pattaya Real Estate caught my interest and after a little while, I knew I chose the best, most pro customer partner I could find. Although my company was a success, I was never the kind to overspend just because I could. Being alone, I decided to purchase some smaller Central Pattaya condo. Eventually, we chose a nice and cozy, fully furnished Central Pattaya condominium from a range of condos for sale in central Pattaya. The selling point was definitely a breathtaking sea view. I am a man but I almost teared up when I realized that I finally fulfilled my lifelong dream. I could almost see myself sitting on my terrace with a notebook, dealing with emails for some short time and then
going for a swim in the sea. Folks, from that moment, I knew that I was finally happy!

From the moving time till present

Central Pattaya Real Estate took quickly care of everything necessary and I, even faster, moved to my new home. What am I doing with all my time? I still work for a few hours a day but the rest I spend by enjoying Central Pattaya.

Here are few recommendations:

1) Food

So far, I wasn’t able to find a bad restaurant and there are plenty of them. Above all, I love fresh fish and other types of sea food prepared in a Thai way, which is also great as I like to indulge my tastes with some spicy goodness. If you like spicy, please, taste some local pad thai noodles with a spicy shrimp!

2) A center of all fun

There are many places to have fun at. You can visit local famous Walking street – its sounds and sights are different from anything else you can see in Thailand. Other towns claim to have something similar but, of course, nothing comes close to the half kilometer of joy and fun that is found at the very end of Beach Road of Pattaya!

3) A trip

Sometimes, I like to just turn my laptop off and set out for an adventure, deprived of all technical gadgets. My favorite destination is the Coral Island –
Koh Larn, that is located about eight kilometers far to the west of Pattaya Beach. It is a true romantic paradise. Why do I need a romantic place, you ask? Well for starters, it is really beautiful and also a certain gorgeous and smart Thai lady shares my Central Pattaya condo with me. We love to explore local wilderness as well, there is no better feeling than wandering around the beach, cool our feet in the sea and ultimately visit some local restaurant for a great Thai dish.

Have a great time and hope to meet you some day!


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