Certified document translation services


Are you moving abroad to study or relocating overseas to start a new life or for business purposes? If yes, then you will have to have your personal or commercial documents translated and certified.

Although it sounds straightforward, certified document translation is a process that involves a few steps and can be time-consuming. Certified Chinese translation, for example, would require translation into Chinese of your documents, their subsequent certification by an Irish notary public or solicitor, then authentication of your documents by competent Irish authorities, and then consular legalization with the Chinese Embassy in Dublin.

If you plan to study or teach in China, you would have to arrange for the certified Chinese translation of all the documents required for this purpose, meaning that all your documents would have to go through the process described above.

The same applies to certified Russian translation, for example. The procedure is the same with the exception that as the final step you would need to consular legalize your Russian documents with the Russian Embassy in Dublin.

Please note that consular legalization is only required if you intend to use your Irish documents abroad. If you need to arrange for certified document translation of your foreign documents to be used in Ireland, the procedure differs. Consular legalization is not required in this case and although the process is less time-consuming, turnover times and the quality of the translation and subsequent certification depends on the professionalism of the company to which you entrust your documents.

Quality is our priority. We provide certified document translation services of any document from and into more than 200 languages. Your translated documents will subsequently be certified by our trusted notaries public to ensure that your documents are valid in Ireland or overseas.

We also provide urgent certified document translation services of up to 24 hours. Please contact us for a free quote and further details.

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