Convenient Carry-on Companions for Frequent Travelers


Less is more, as they say. Minimalist traveling is possible, even for international travelers.Carry-ons offer lightweight solutions for boarding and de-boarding planes.

Whether you’re a day trip traveler, a weekend warrior, or a country hopper, carry-ons provide versatility and convenience no matter where you plan to go next.

One Night Wanderers

If you don’t plan to be gone for long, there’s no sense in packing a suitcase. A backpack or crossbody bag is perfect. With available added protection like RFID blocking technology, you can sport a stylish companion without the stress.

Backpacks and crossbody bags have lots of compartments for small items, so they don’t float to the bottom, making them easy to find. Many also have comfortable straps for extended carrying situations, and some even convert to rolling bags with wheels.

The Doubleback is one of our favorites. It’s practical for frequent travel because it’s easy to pack and unpack. You can also detach the daypack for easy day tripping on a long weekend getaway, making it the perfect solution for when you need a large carry-on and a small bag to sling over your shoulder. It’s a two-for-one miracle!

Business Trippers

If you’re a safe-keeping voyager in need of security for expensive items like your laptop, look no further than carry-on luggage that fits under your seat. You can access all of your essential belongings without bothering other passengers, and your bag never leaves your sight.

The Converge Weekend Bag is slim enough to fit under the seat in front of you but large enough to fit all of your necessities. It has handles and straps, so you can carry it however is most comfortable for you.

For executive types who also travel with clothes that they need to keep crisp and wrinkle-free, garment sleeves are lightweight and easy to carry on. It slides smoothly into an overhead bin or sits at your feet on the train. They’re also stain and water repellent for an added layer of protection on your fancy fabrics.

International Immigrants

Hard-sided suitcases are perfect to protect souvenirs from the perils of travel. If you’re always on the move to distant destinations, something small enough to carry-on is just the ticket. Pack things you know you can layer and repurpose, so you don’t need to take as much with you.

You may also find that a duffel is more your style. They’re sturdy, versatile, and easy to stuff in an overhead bin. The duffel is a time-tested travel solution with all the space you need.

The styles available for duffel bags are almost limitless. You can get duffel bags with straps to carry like a backpack, or you can get duffel bags with wheels. They come in all different sizes but always check with your airline for the maximum carry-on size.

Puttering Pilgrims

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, right? So if you prefer to lounge around, decompressing, eliminating stress, and generally escaping everyday life, you need something easy. Rolling bags come in all sizes and colors, so you can be fashionable with minimal effort.

Rolling bags rarely have to be lifted, unless it’s to put in an overhead bin, and there’s always a helpful flight attendant nearby if you seem to be struggling. From two wheels to four, you choose how you roll. You can also find rolling bags with straps, just in case you find some extra energy and feel like doing a little heavy lifting.

If you travel frequently, you may decide a rolling bag is most convenient because it doesn’t need to be a lightweight carry-on for you to carry it on. You can take it almost anywhere and never have to lift a finger.

Frequent travelers need convenience, and there are a lot of carry-on options offering just what you need for any kind of trip. Plan accordingly, and you’re sure to have a care-free time without worrying about carrying a bulky suitcase everywhere.

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