Four Facilities In Railways That You Won’t Get In Any Other Transportation


Trains are the most preferred form of transportation because there are many facilities that the railways provide, which you cannot expect in any other vehicle. Be it the provision or the speed; the railways is the most punctual and most considerate transportation service. Thus, we see many Indians looking for railway seats before they opt for any other vehicle such as a bus or a cab. Only if the location doesn’t have railway service or if the railway tickets are all booked will the travellers seek another option.

Here are four facilities that make the railways unique and lovable –

Tatkal tickets –

Travelling does not always have to be pre-planned. You never know when you will have to travel and to where. Sometimes you will suddenly have to be in a new place within a day, and sometimes your plan to travel may be cancelled. Nothing is certain in the world of travelling. Thus, railway understands its passenger’s troubles. There is a facility of Tatkal tickets when you can book tickets at the last minute. It will only cost you a bit more than the regular tickets. But, at least you will get the tickets. Also, if you want to cancel your plan due to certain circumstances, you will get 50% refund for your tickets. You can  check Indian train status online too.

Toilets –

Yes, toilets are the reason why half the nation prefers trains for long journeys. Especially old people, and couples with young kids can’t travel on other vehicles like a bus or a cab because of the absence of the washrooms. If the journey takes more than a couple of hours, you have to have access to the loo. Trains have toilets with sufficient amount of water supply and large ones too. They are not as small as the ones on the aeroplanes. Thus, trains are loved by all.

Leg space –

No other transportation can beat trains in this department. While you will have to sit in the same position on a plane, bus or in a cab, the train offers you enough space to stretch, sit, walk around and even lie down too. This is especially helpful for elderly people, who cannot sit for a long time. If you want to keep your legs active, you can take a train because sitting still is not what you do on a train.

Interesting co-passengers –

True, there will be co-passengers on other vehicles too. But, you will not find collection of such interesting bunch of people at one go. You will meet people from all walks of life. There will be businessmen, software engineers, housewives, college students, and many more. You can talk to them, learn about them and make friends. It is the best time pass while you are travelling. The spacy coaches make it easy for starting group conversations. On other vehicles, your conversations will be restricted to the people sitting just next to you.

These are some things that you can find only on a train and nowhere else.

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