Getting a car ready for the trip


The last month of summer is considered the most optimal for holidays with the family, because the weather is exceptionally good, which means it is time to travel!
A trip by car provides a full sense of freedom, as it is possible to choose any direction and you can always discover something new and unexpected. However, before such a tempting adventure, it is worth remembering that your car has to be properly prepared even if you own a highly reliable vehicle such as  Honda Accord.
In order to feel confident when driving, you should first check the condition of the tires. We should note that you must not economize on the maintenance services before long-distance trips, as the consequences can be very negative. Sudden breakdowns will mean not only the fact that you have to spend money on repairs, but it also means that you will waste a lot of time, which is precious when on a trip.
Before the trip, you need to do the following:
• Change the oil;
• Replace the motor filter,
• Have the most crucial elements in the car examined by a mechanic,
• Do a tire check.
Winter non-studded tires are not suitable
Winter non-studded tires are not the best choice for summer trips. The tire thread of winter tires is made of extremely soft rubber, which is designed for the winter only. Therefore, on a wet surface, they perform much worse than summer tires. Furthermore, various tests have demonstrated that a wet surface combined with such tires extend the braking distance by 20%.
Increase the tire pressure
You need to make sure that the tire pressure is correct before you hit the road. In vehicles that are loaded, the tire pressure should be 15% higher as opposed to that car manufacturers recommend. Do not believe us? Look it up in the car’s manual. For example, the recommended tire pressure level is 2.5 bar, which means that you need to add up 0.40 bar if you are planning to pack your car with various things. Importantly, you should check the tire pressure when your tires are cold and you should lower the tire pressure to normal once you are back from the trip.
Here are some tips on how to make your car trip safer:
• Check the condition of your tires as well as the tire tread wear;
• Check the tire pressure level;
• Inspect the spare wheel;
• Check the engine oil, as well as the coolant, steering booster, brake fluid and washer fluid;
• Check the ignition system of the car;
• Do not forget to take along a breakdown triangle, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a minimal set of tools.
• Do not mount heavy objects on the roof of the car, because this way the center of gravity is lost.

We hope you find our tips helpful. In addition, if you are looking for a new car, we suggest you take a look at Honda Odyssey, as this car is the perfect choice for trips.

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