How Learning And Having Fun Can Work Together.


In Asia, learning and having fun, go hand in hand and it is really difficult to separate the two of them. Many educators say that the two need to be done separately, and that they definitely don’t share the same end goals. However, they do have a lot in common and are commonly referred to as ‘edutainment.’ The goal of education is to help you to be more mature, be responsible for your actions and results, help you gain relevant knowledge and help you to grow as a person. Education prepares us for what lies ahead in the job market, teaches us to be good Malaysians and makes us better people. Entertainment, on the other hand is to distract us, make us laugh and it’s only end result, is that we are happy at the end, at least only for a little while.

Learning Can Be Fun.

Thankfully, we have found ways for the two to cross over,  and when the two meet, then can savor the best of both of them with some learning and some fun. We see the cross over, when we see our kids using educational dolls or attending popular kid’s attractions in Malaysia, where they take part in various role play situations for occupations and the like. Studies are now telling us things that we already suspected. They are telling us that both toys and games can be very strong educational tools. Generally classrooms in Malaysia are all about rote learning, where the teacher says something and all the class repeat again and again, until it goes into their brains.


However, using educational games and role plays makes learning more fun, and when kids are having fun, they are learning and they don’t even realise it. The timeless classic, jigsaw puzzle is a great way for kids to improve their problem solving skills. It teaches the students about art, but also about solving the problem, and provides them with a real challenge. The students learn about the order of things and when they finally complete the puzzle, there is a great sense of achievement, that only happens with hard work. Remember, life itself is one big puzzle and we have to learn to be able to piece it all together.

Role Play Games.

Role plays are also a great way to teach kids about the kinds of jobs that are out there waiting for them, and what those jobs involve. The students get to wear the appropriate clothing or uniform for that position, which brings a lot of realism and fun to their learning. There is great educational value to be had from this exercise, and it really does educate and prepare kids for the realities that lie ahead of them.  In today’s competitive academic world, it is high time that the kids had some fun when they learn, and bringing games and fun into the classroom, is the logical step.

Next time you want your kid to learn something, put down that book and look for alternative ways for them to learn, like interactive learning environments, where learning is really fun.

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