Tel Aviv Hotels Culture and History


Tel Aviv is a town rich with culture and history. There is so much to do and see. From cultural events and farmers markets to unique restaurants and an eclectic night life. There is something for everyone in this beautiful city. But first you must find somewhere to stay. There is a wide range of Tel Aviv hotels including Israeli Hotels, Apartments for rent, Boutique hotels and the much coveted Beachfront hotels. Choosing an option that is right for you and your travel companions is essential to a great experience.

Israeli Hotels

If you enjoy new and interesting foods then an Israeli Hotel may be right for you. One of the best part about staying in an Israeli hotel is the breakfast. You can expect quite a spread for your morning meal if you decide to board at this type of Tel Aviv Hotel. The usual breakfast consists of fresh fruit juice, tea and coffee, eggs, salad, cheese, fresh bread, olives, butter and jam. Sometimes referred to as and Israeli Breakfast these meals are often named after the establishment that prepares them. However if it includes these things mentioned above, it is fair to assume it is an Israeli breakfast.


Depending on the length of your stay, there are adorable short term apartments that could be just what you need. Short term apartments can be a great solution for a long visit to Tel Aviv. These are especially great if you are looking forward to taking some excursions around Israel while still having a base in Tel Aviv. Make sure when you make your reservations that you will be able to bring with you all of the supplies you need that the hotel may or may not provide.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique style Tel Aviv hotels are established in Preserved structures. This one of the most authentic ways to experience Tel Aviv. There are many restored hotels that are only a short ways away from the cities best attractions. Each hotel has a unique design that has a preserved legacy. Look for a hotel that has character to match your own, maybe a restored theater for a laid back couple traveling together or a bold example of engineering genius for a traveler intrigued by architecture.

Beachfront Hotels

Tel Aviv hotels along the beach front offer guests a grand view of the Mediterranean Sea as well as an easy walking distance to all of the city’s main attractions. Simply put these places embody luxury on the seafront. These iconic and colorful structures often frequented by celebrities are a great place for travelers that value comfort and style. Most hotels have direct access to the beach for your convenience.

No matter what your personality or personal preferences, Tel Aviv hotels have something for everyone. Make sure you shop around to find the best price for your budget as well as a neighborhood that has attractions that interest you. Keep in mind others that will be traveling with you so that your entire party has an excellent experience. Do not forget to check out all of the great attractions the Tel Aviv has to offer, there is something for everyone.

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