5 Tips for Planning a Great Vacation


Have you ever planned a vacation you regret ever going? If yes, then you probably know that vacations are not always fun and relaxing as advertised. If not planned well, it can be one of your worst days.

Therefore, you need to learn how to plan a great vacation. A vacation that both you and your family or friends will love and enjoy. Great holidays are a matter of proper preparations.

If you’ve had enough time to plan and consider all variables, you will be more likely to plan a better vacation. Therefore, how can you plan a great vacation?

Well, there are several tips you can consider when planning to ensure you have the best time. Below are five of these tips.

1. Build Anticipation

Planning a vacation is one of the best times you can have as a family. Even before leaving your house, the thought of all the fun you are going to have is crucial.

When there’s anticipation in the house, you’ll be pumped up to do all your preparations early enough. This will mean that you’ll make your reservations on time, make the budget early, and complete your itinerary before-hand.

As a result, you’ll avoid the unnecessary last-minute rushes and get the best quality services for wherever you’ll go.

2. Involve the Kids

Family vacations are the best times to bond and build a stronger relationship. While the parents may be in charge of all the planning, you need to ensure that your kids also play a part in the process.

Allow them to choose some of the activities that you’ll do or some places that you’ll visit. This is because by giving them something they want; you get some time to relax by yourself.

It’s also essential to ensure that you go for these vacations when the kids are old enough as then, they’ll be able to create better memories of the places you visit. You also won’t have to worry about their safety throughout the trip.

3. The right location

The venue for your vacation is the place where you’ll spend most of your time. It can be at the beach, a hotel, a cruise ship, or even a camp.

Regardless of the venue, you should ensure that everyone is comfortable with that place. It should have something for everyone. If you have kids, then the site should have adequate facilities to accommodate them. Similarly, it should have some relaxing features for adults.

Therefore, camping may be suitable for you and your partner, but not for the kids. However, staying at 5-star hotels in Bali may be a better choice. You’ll get world-class spa services, gyms, and pools, while your kids enjoy playing in their park.

With the right location, everyone gets to do what they love and still enjoy each other’s company.

4. Get your Documentations right

It’s one thing to plan the perfect vacation, but without the proper documentation, your plans will quickly crumble down.

It would be a shame and waste of money if you paid for different services, but you fail to have the right documents to do them.

If you are traveling to a new country, ensure that you have the travel documents and permits. You can research before the trip to know what will be required before you start the vacation.

5. Budget Appropriately

Vacations can be expensive without proper budgeting. There are many hidden costs involved, and thus, you need to budget for the emergencies.

You should also invest quality places and experiences if you want to have great vacation time. However, you shouldn’t spend too much on a vacation.

Ensure that you get the best services for the amount of money you are willing to spend.


For you to plan a great vacation, you must have all your preparations done early enough. Get everyone involved in the process and choose the best location for all of you.

Numerous other tips may help you get the best time of your vacation. However, I think that the above points are the most crucial.

Remember, it’s not a vacation if there’s no fun in it!

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