Hiring a car in Manchester is not difficult; the tricky part is finding a reliable company offering A1 service and reasonable no tricks contracts. Much has been revealed, in general, about sharp, unethical practices within the car hire sector. As always, it’s a case of the few tarnishing the image of the many.

So, let’s make sure you choose a kosha car hire company.

  • What car?

First off the definition of cheap will very much depend upon your personal circumstances and perspective. Perhaps a more appropriate approach would be to find an online site that offers a whole range of cars to cater for all budgets.

As you’d expect, the larger and more luxurious the car the more expensive the rental.

A modern small car will probably cost in the region of £20 – £25 per day. Whereas, a top of the range Mercedes-Benz will be more in the region of £100. I suppose that still represents a relatively cheap way to impress your friends!

Of course, you could go to Harry the Weasel and strike a deal on a 1986 Ford Escort … god luck with that one.

Although, this highlights a valid point;

  • Which car hire service?

In Manchester you will be spoilt for choice, you are best advised to go online to sift through the options. Even this can prove time consuming, confusing and perhaps a little risky.

The secret is to find a company that offers a good range of modern, well cared for cars across a range of models. And, more importantly, a company with an ethical no nonsense, totally above board trading policy.

The devil is so often in the detail, so here’s a brief guide to finding a ‘good’ cheap car hire in Manchester company:

  1. Do they offer a wide range of good quality, well presented cars?
  2. Are their terms and conditions clearly stated in respect of such things as insurance, damage, mileage and charges for late return or return with an empty petrol tank?
  3. Do cancellation fees apply?
  4. Has the hire company a healthy and long-lived trading history? Seek testimonials from satisfied customers.
  5. Are the company’s staff helpful, obliging and all round professional? Courtesy costs nothing but makes for a good reassuring impression.

I know what you’re thinking, hiring a car is beginning to sound like a real minefield of a chore.

  • Is there an easier option?

Thankfully, in Manchester there is. And in comes in the welcome form of Compare Car and Van Hire!

This is a comprehensive comparison site that will get you in contact with the right company at the click of a few keys.

The site is simply laid out with an easy search mechanism. You just select the size and style of vehicle and put your pick up and drop off destinations into the search box.

You will instantly be directed to appropriate hiring links with details of vehicles on offer. You will immediately see important specifications of the vehicles, number of doors, seats, style, and whether air con included etc.

Click to book, that easy!

  • In conclusion

Should you be looking to hire a vehicle in Manchester, from a small Fiat to a Merc or SUV then make Compare Car and Van Hire your first port of call!

Save time, money and anxiety.

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