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Currently a lot of people are on holidays and often when you leave the hotel room or Airbnb, you still have a few hours left before your flight, but your suitcases are clogging you and prevent you from enjoying these last moments. For any problem, there is a solution. And we found it! Holibag is the platform on which travellers can book a luggage storage at local merchants everywhere you need. Great isn’t it?

How does it work?

You won’t find difficulties using the service as the system requires only a few clicks. First, on their website site or their mobile application, search for a location or address, then select the shop where you want to deposit your bags. Then book your deposit. All you have to do is go to your chosen luggage store and leave you bags!

Now you can enjoy your time without being encumbered by your luggage. A push notification is sent to you 30 minutes before the end of the booking to remind you to come and pick them up.

Good to know, there is no weight limit or size. The price of a reservation depends on the number of objects and the storage time. For one stored object, 4 hours of reservation is 4 €; 6h of reservation is 6 €; 12h booking is 8 €; And 24h booking is at 12 € or 0.50 cts an hour, it is a golden opportunity! You can leave your bags up to multiple days.

And for the merchants, how does it work for them?

It is a free, non-binding system. In addition to this, the platform generates an extra flow in the point of sale, which makes it possible to gain visibility and generate additional revenue. Merchants can thus receive additional income and profit from unused space.

Who can use the service?

Everyone has access to it and all kinds of objects can be stored.It is true that the main targets are travelers stranded with their luggage not knowing what to do with it, but Holibag, also caters to other audiences: a biker encumbered by his Helmet, an overloaded parent who wants to walk arround the city with his child … they just have to drop off their belongings for fair price and enjoy their afternoon!

Where can you find Holibag Storage Point?

Today, you can find the awesome Holibag luggage storages everywhere in France, in more than 90 cities, including Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg, Lille and Rouen. In addition, each day new merchants are added to the list of 500 partners.

Is it a trustworthy service?

Guaranteeing user safety is a priority for Holibag! First of all, you have to register on the website or application to fill in your contact details and to be able to pay by card the amount of the reservation.

Once arrived at the shop, the traveller is asked to open his bags for obvious reasons of safety. In case of refusal of the user, the merchant is entitled to refuse the luggage. Then, clamps are available to the user to secure his / her own luggage and labels are placed on the suitcases or objects to make them easier to authenticate.

Finally, once the luggage is dropped at the merchant, the user receives a secret withdrawal code to be transmitted to the merchant at the time of withdrawal. Holibag has set up a partnership with an insurance company to guarantee each luggage or object entrusted, up to 200 € against the risk of loss, theft or deterioration.

So never find yourself stuck with your luggage again now that you know Holibag, the badass short-term luggage storage service in France and soon everywhere in the world!

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