Why do Flights get Delayed and what can be done


Sometimes, when travelling abroad – or even across the country – delays can occur which can become a nightmare. If you are waiting on a flight and you see the DELAYED sign appear on the boards, it can be quite a disheartening feeling. If you are not used to seeing a flight delayed, it can feel pretty damn annoying to need to deal with this fiasco.

What, though, can you actually do to get around this problem? Can you do anything that you intended to get around the issue?

Most importantly, merely understanding why the delay occurred can be pretty useful!

Now, the problem is that many airlines to protect their reputation are suitably vague about the reasons why you aren’t taking off. To help you find out what the potential cause may be if nobody will tell you, let us take a look at some of the reasons why a delayed flight can be so hard to explain. Here are some of the most common reasons why you might find yourself stranded at the airport, looking for answers.

  • The first and fairest of the reasons is security. When a security problem comes up or something about the aircraft does not feel right, then security becomes the first port of call. To help you make sure that you can stay safe when on a flight, aviation teams will delay aircraft to give it a thorough once-over and make sure that any problems, if any exist, are found and dealt with.
  • Another reasonable and fair reason for a delay, though, is the weather. If a storm rolls into town or there are major blocks along the way to enjoy a serene and safe flight, delays can occur. Weather problems can appear as quickly as they vanish, so it can all be very sudden. Just remember that the reason for avoiding you heading out into bad weather is pretty fair: it’s one of the few reasons for a delay that you can accept each time without query.
  • Traffic Volume. One of the less able reasons, though, is excessive aviation in the sky. When an Air Traffic Control team cannot handle the amount of aircraft in the sky, they can force delays and leave you waiting around. Naturally, this is not a great look and is one of the main reasons why you can find that delays occur. It’s one worth arguing over, though, and you definitely look to get some kind of compensation for your time – it’s not your fault the airport cannot handle itself!
  • From cleaning the aircraft up to the team not being quite ready, you can find yourself stuck in the airport for longer than you need to be just down to good old human incompetence. When you cannot get on board a plane because the team never got it in shape for boarding, then you have grounds to complain.

Based on the time you had to wait, the destination and various other factors, compensation can be claimed. Be sure to look into this as you can make yourself a nice amount of compensation back if the delays could have been avoided and if they were man-made. With that in mind, never accept a vague answer: find out why you are still waiting around the airport, instead!

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