Five Reasons to Explore Greece on a Walking Holiday


Many thousands of travellers find that the best way to truly see the best of a country is to explore its landscapes on foot, and a walking holiday is a great way to do this safely. Not only do you get to see the best locations and explore many exciting and hidden worlds, you also get the chance to meet the locals on a different level. The people who call Greece home can help you discover the most amazing foods, new locations, and unparalleled sights during your stay, and this might not be possible with conventional holiday travel options.


At its core, walking is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body, and a walking tour is one way to enjoy a beautiful new place while working yourself towards a healthier body. No matter your current fitness levels, walking holidays in Greece are available to perfectly match your own physical limitations. You can choose to walk every day for many miles or only for a few days over a week-long tour, and all the while you will feel the calories just slip away.

Lose Weight

Although not the primary goal of any walking tour, nearly all participants return home having lost a kilo or two along the way. Walking is the ultimate workout, forcing nearly every muscle in your body to move in order to keep you upright and moving forward at a steady pace. With this fact, you can enjoy the many delectable treats and foods available throughout Greece without worrying so much about putting on weight during your stay.


Even if you book your walking tour alone, you will not be on your own when you arrive at the starting point of the trip. There will be many others who also booked the walking tour and want to explore the world of Greece in a new way. You have the opportunity to make new friends, forge connections, and keep good company with you along each stretch of the tour, or you can simply choose to continue travelling alone.

Family Bonding

You need not enjoy a walking tour all on your own, as there are many options perfectly suited for family members of all ages. Children especially love to explore and find new things in the world around them, as they have yet to experience enough of the world. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know your family on a more personal level and to connect emotionally as you travel across the country.

All Year

Walking tours are available all year long, and there are many different options depending on the time of year in which you book them. You could visit Greece during January, June, and in October to experience an entirely different country each time, and walking tours make that possible. Not only will landscapes often change throughout the year, many festivals are also held at different times that will make your time there all the more magical.

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