How To Reach Corbett National Park?


The Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest parks in India which is the abode to the endangered Bengal Tigers. A lot of people come to witness the amazing flora and fauna of this place every year from not just India but abroad as well.

However, when planning the trip to Jim Corbett, one thing that people look for apart from searching for Corbett Resorts is finding the way to reach Corbett Park from their place. While the park is situated in Uttrakhand state in Ramnagar city. It is almost 260 kilometers away from New Delhi. This clearly is a piece of good news for people living in Uttar Pradesh or in and around Delhi as it is not very far from there.

Nevertheless, in this blog, we tell you about the way to reach the park via railway or roadway routes. Let us begin.

Distance by road:

     New DelhiRamnagar (Jim Corbett Park)V  via Moradabad260 Km
L    LucknowJ  Jim Corbett ParkV  via Bareilly, Moradabad435 Km
      Moradabad    Jim Corbett ParkV via Kashipur95 Km
K   KathgodamJ  Jim Corbett ParkV  via Kaladhungi55 Km
NainitalJ    Jim Corbett ParkV     via Kaladhungi60 Km
A   AlmoraJ    Jim Corbett ParkV     via Nainital134 Km
KausaniRamnagarV    via Bhikyasan155 Km
RanikhetRamnagarV    via Bhikyasan100 Km


The best road route from Delhi to Corbett (By Road) :

Driving to Corbett after booking your stay at one of the Corbett resorts in pleasant weather is quite enchanting. The best part is that Jim Corbett Park is almost 6 hours away by road. If you don’t have a car you can book a cab or tempo, or bus according to the number of people who are going. Let us check the route in detail.

The route which cuts the distance to 245 Kms is Delhi to Gajrola to Moradabad to Kashipur to Ramnagar. For this, you have to cross the Noida Road or Ghaziabad and reach the NH24 that leads to Hapur. After crossing Hapur, you will reach Gajrola, Gadhmukteshwar, and Moradabad thereafter. From here, you need to take the bypass cut and not the city one. From there you will cross Thakurwada and each Kashipur then Ramnagar.

When you reach Ramnagar, you can reach the Corbett Park or go to one of the luxurious Corbett resorts you have booked for your stay. We suggest you to rest for some time, eat something and then leave for Corbett Park.

However, if you are not going to Corbett Park from Delhi then you should choose one of the below-mentioned routes according to what suits the best to you. You can even check maps for assistance.

From Bareilly-

 You can go to Kichha then Haldwani to Ramnagar. It will be around 160 km.

From Nainital-
You can go via Kaladhungi when going from Nainital to Ramnagar. It will be around 62 km.

From Lucknow-

You can pick the route to Bareilly then Kicha to Rudrapur which will ultimately lead to Kashipur and then Ramnagar. It will be around 435 kms.

The best road route from Delhi to Corbett (By Rail):
The closest railway station to reach Corbett National Park is Ramnagar Railway station itself. What is even great is the fact that the train is directly connected to the Delhi Railway Station. The name of the train is Ranikhet Express. This is the train that you should be boarding to reach your destination. It leaves at around 10:50 pm and reaches Ramnagar at 04:35 AM the other day. To return from Ramnagar, you will have to again take this train at around 09:05 pm. It will reach Delhi around 05 early mornings the next day. The train goes daily to and fro. As another option, you can also get down at Kathgodam and then take a taxi or book a cab. From this station, the ride will take almost 3.5 hours to reach Ramanagar.

We hope this article was helpful. We have tried to make it as informative as possible. Let us know in case we have missed out on any information in the comments section below.

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