Three Places to Visit This Fall


As fall arrives, the world becomes draped in a beautiful mixture of red, orange, and yellow hues, coupled with pleasant temperatures and fading days, making it the perfect time to explore the country on vacation. Even if fall isn’t your favorite season, there are still places you can visit to escape the grasp of the autumn weather. Here are three places to visit this fall that will provide you with breathtaking experiences and give you lifelong memories.

New York City

Love the brilliant colors and seemingly endless smell of wood smoke, but think you would enjoy it even more within the throes of a bustling metropolis? If so, then New York City is your destination of choice this autumn. You can spend time walking through Central Park, taking in the beauty of the golden oaks and red maples that line the pathways.

Don’t worry about going hungry: the open air markets are in full bloom this time of year, giving you delicious choices like crunchy apples, fresh artichokes, and tasty yellow squash.


If you don’t celebrate the onset of cold weather like much of the rest of the population, then maybe you would fare better in a tropical location. If so, then consider spending your vacation time in Hawaii when the days start to get shorter. Temperatures in Hawaii are warm year round, and a trip to the islands can help relieve the cold chill you’ve been feeling since summer ended. The traditional winter crowds have yet to arrive on the islands, leaving you at home and alone among one of the most beautiful paradises in the world.

If you do travel to Hawaii, make sure to spend time viewing the cliffs and volcanoes, taking a few dips in the warm water of the Pacific, and even trying the delicious fare at a traditional island Luau. You won’t be lacking for things to do no matter where you visit in Hawaii.

Savannah, Georgia

If you like the oncoming of the fall colors, but would prefer to find yourself in a climate that lets you walk around in a t-shirt, then Savannah might just be the place for you. Due to its location, the temperatures stay pleasant year round, and snow is virtually unheard of in this southern haven.

Additionally, this beautiful city is rife with B&Bs that can offer comfortable and quaint accommodations for any wary traveler, and is full of folks that love to embrace the Halloween spirit: here you can go on a “haunted” city tour, and even spend time in the Bonaventure Cemetery to get your fair share of thrills during the spooky season.

Get Out and Live This Autumn

If you are looking to explore other parts of the country, then the fall season may be the perfect time to quench your adventurous thirst. And if you do leave home, these three easy-to-visit locations can provide you with some of the most beautiful locales the country has to offer.


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