Marijuana Rules For Delivery In San Diego And Chula Vista


San Diego first Legal marijuana dispensary was opened in 20th March 2015. The whole process and approval took about 13 months to be completed. San Diego marijuana delivery was prohibited from two decades. Same is the case with delivery in Chula Vista. Then California officially recognized it. A lawyer specialized in medical marijuana law said that its delivery in markets is not addressed well in law. It is less visible in markets then in marijuana dispensaries. Local government should have a look on it. Dozens of marijuana dispensaries are operating in San Diego and Chula Vista. Some of them are licensed but some are not.

Medical Marijuana dispensary 

A medical Marijuana dispensary is any confined area or locality where marijuana is cultivated, sold, distributed, made available to people for medical purpose under California health and safety code. In San Diego marijuana delivery is prohibited unless it is dispensed by a licensed facility such as A Green Alternative. Delivery in Chula Vista is not allowed under any circumstances, unless it is facilitated through a licensed dispensary.

Diego and Chula Vista do not have any regulation about personal cultivation of marijuana. These cities are expecting to pass cultivation laws in coming years. People are raising voice to ensure local regulations of cultivation in cities.

Application for marijuana delivery

As the marijuana delivery in San Diego is increasing the number of third party apps is also increasing. These apps and websites connect patients with service providers. Delivery in Chula Vista is also done in same way. Meadow, Nugg, Grassp are offering pot delivery in these areas. Some of the apps also help people to obtain doctor’s recommendation to obtain Marijuana. From these sites people create an ID and go online for video conference with doctor. Doctors upload a PDF format recommendation for marijuana. After verification they can shop for marijuana products from these sites. Using the Eaze application, a patient said that he told the doctor that he is suffering from insomnia. He got the doctor’s recommendation and marijuana was delivered to him within 45 minutes as he has not purchased it yet.

Are Delivery Services for Marijuana Legal? 

As the delivery of marijuana is not allowed by federal government of California, but the current law is allowing pot cultivation and delivering it to not for profit patient cooperatives. Still there is no law that verify their not for profit status. Marijuana delivery companies say that they are not selling marijuana but they are connecting patients with not for profit cooperatives. Doctors specializing in marijuana have to fully stamp patient’s recommendation. However personal or online these doctors are placing their license on risk. The new state laws are allowing cities and governments to ban marijuana delivery.


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