Indulge Into an Exciting Voyage And Explore The Pleasing Town Of Ischgl!!


Austria one of most beautiful cities across the entire globe and therein; dwells an enticing town that is Ischgl in the realms of the Paznaun valley in Tyrol, which is an eminent state of the country. Now what sets apart this town is the accessibility to amazing après ski parties and the rejoicing night lives which engross the audience completely. With the enormous hosting of the various pop concerts which are celebrated at the end of the phenomenal ski season which is held annually.

Way out to reach Ischgl in less time

Now let us get acquainted with some of the easiest ways to reach the town of Ischgl: –

  • The nearest airport to Ischgl is Innsbruck with a transfer time period of about 1 hour and 15 minutes that would fly away instantly.
  • The next nearest airport in the line is Zurich with a transfer time period of about 2 hours and 35 minutes respectively and the airport is well built and manifested to meet the potential needs of the travelers.
  • The third nearest airport to Ischgl is Munich with a provision of transfer time period of about 3 hours to the town. It is also equipped with a plethora of amenities to tailor to the viable needs of the visitors and tourists.

About 62 miles away from the town of Ischgl, Innsbruck airport offers a reliable service to the travelers and the prominent journey is accomplished within 90 minutes from its initiation. Throwing light on the Munich airport which is approximately 186 miles away and the journey is noticeably completed within a time period of about three hours and Zurich is approximately about the similar distance as that of Munich. The good rail links are associated with these three appreciable cities and travel to the Tirol. The nearest station to Ischgl is Landeck, which offers the facility of frequent bus services to the resorts from the location of the station. Another alternative is the pre booking of the taxis which can be easily done online just with a few mouse clicks. The hotel bookings can also be done online on a prior basis in order to avoid any hassle in the trip to the stunning town which is a hub for Ski resorts and vivacious night live. Youngsters with an adventurous spill are definitely going to fall in love with the ski adventures on the board and the piste surroundings are something to look for in the town of Ischgl.


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