Sell your Car and Use Taxis and Public Transport


If you are a city dweller, you really should ask yourself if you actually need to own a car. Such is the public transport system in most UK cities that getting around is not an issue, and when you consider the enormous expense of running a car, there’s a lot of incentive to simply sell it and use other forms of transport.

Before you reject the idea, consider this; with affordable local taxi services in Maidstone, you can always use them in certain situations, and buying a bicycle will certainly make for a healthy lifestyle, which can be used for short trips to the local shops.

Free Yourself of the Huge Expense

Running a car involves the following expenses:

  • Road tax
  • Vehicle insurance
  • High fuel costs
  • Car servicing
  • Car repairs

When you calculate just how much money you spend on your car every month, you will certainly be interested in a change of lifestyle, and on those odd occasions when you fancy a weekend away, you can always hire a car.

Once you have made the decision and sold your car, the money can be put to one side, and every month you can top up your savings with the money you didn’t spend on motoring. In no time at all, you can afford that luxury holiday in Florida, or the deposit on that house you’ve always wanted.

Living in a city had many advantages, and with a great mass transportation system and reliable taxis, you no longer need the huge expense of running your own car.














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