A Complete Guide for First Time Visitors to Paris


Many people dream to go on a Paris tour, at least for a single day or weekend. They imagine strolling along River Seine, stand on top of Eiffel Tower and while moving around bump in some celebrities. Make sure to learn basic French, so as to eliminate language barrier to some extent. Some polite words communicated in local language is good.

Anytime visit to Paris is always good. The city has beautiful avenues, great parks, popular museums, and several interesting indoor options. Travellers on budget tour need to choose cheap days to fly. Therefore, consider the off and peak season along with weather.

  • In Springtime Paris is green and you will find cherry blossom all around. However, there are frequent rain showers, so carry umbrella while sightseeing.
  • Summer means long days, nice temperature, festivals, and many outdoor fun options. Summer is also peak season, so there will be lengthy queues at the main attractions and even rates will be high.
  • Autumn is best because temperature is nice, trees are gorgeous and there is less crowd.
  • Winter is the time that some love to visit because they want to celebrate Christmas in Paris.

Paris attractions map

On TripIndicator, you can look at the Paris tourist attractions map or get a print out. It is handy to have a map, so as to get the right directions to discover museums, monuments, and attractions while hopping on and off a bus.

Get pass to avoid long waiting lines

Key benefits of buying Paris Pass are –

  • Fast track entry at popular attractions
  • Free entry to more than 60 attractions

Paris Travel card benefits are –

  • Free bus tour
  • Free 120-page guidebook

With kid’s fast track entry is a god send because you don’t need to stand in long lines and even for people who are on a flying visit can see a couple of more landmarks.

Book in advance

You can book tickets online for major attractions like Musee d’Orsay, The Louvre, and Eiffel Tower to avoid long wait and crowd. At the Louvre, Mona Lisa appreciation is a must but the museum even holds many masterpieces which also needs to be respected.


Public transportation structure in Paris is just great. Whenever your legs start to hurt from walking just jump on a metro. It is vast and takes you to majority of city hotspots. Make sure to keep metro ticket until you exit the station. Often, there are inspectors at exit who can ask for your ticket. If you don’t then be prepared to pay a penalty.


Bring credit card offering zero foreign transaction fee. Keep change for washrooms or you can use the bathrooms at tourist attraction or when you stop to drink or eat for free.


In Paris, hotel rooms are small and not suitable for families. You can book an apartment and get more rooms as well as save cash. Even if you travel on tight budget stay central, especially near your favourite attractions. Staying at the city core is expensive but you will save on the time spent in commuting from outside Paris.

Paris is a world centre for culture, gastronomy, and fashion. Research a little prior you visit and enjoy the places you got a chance to visit. Never feel depressed if you had to miss on some major attractions. You can plan a second visit to Paris in future with more confidence and knowledge.

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