Pros And Cons Of A Holiday To Egypt


Egypt is one of the most prominent countries in eastern Africa which is blessed with several spots that attract global tourists. The country is enriched with some outstanding markets, mosques and tombs. The pyramids in Egypt are an exclusive thing to watch. You can also book a Nile cruises all inclusive holiday to enjoy the most of Egypt.

Here are some pros and cons that you need to know while going on a holiday in Egypt:


  • Easy Connectivity

Egypt is well connected to all the main countries in the east and west. You can book some extraordinarily luxurious airlines to reach Cairo. Tourism in Egypt is the main industry so you can expect outstanding transport connectivity in the country.

  • Many Things To See

In Egypt, there are a number of mosques and markets. Moreover, you can see the famous tomb of Tutankhamen. Consider visiting the museums too where you discover the medieval life of Egypt. River Nile flows through the country and you can book a cruise and enjoy a luxurious holiday.

  • Many Packages Available

Many tour operators deliver some outstanding packages for the tour in Egypt. You can expect to save a decent amount of money while choosing these trips. You must always remember that going for a package tour needs less money than a self-planned trip.


  • Prevailing Unemployment In Egypt

The condition of employment is prominent in Egypt. You might be disturbed by the beggars while you are observing the different spots in the country. Giving money to the beggars might drain out your money.

  • The police are corrupted

The police in Egypt are corrupted. You might hardly expect some help from them when needed. Moreover, you must never argue with the policeman in Egypt. On being a woman, you can expect some social rules imposed.

  • Cruise travels might be hectic

This is one of the main cons that you need to remember while on a tour of Egypt. While you book a Nile cruises all inclusive holiday, you might not have much time to rest. This can turn into a big problem as rest is necessary when you are out for travelling.

  • The markets might be expensive

You might face several problems while shopping in the markets of Egypt. These markets often might charge hefty prices for the items. Moreover, the local guides get a commission from the local retailers in the market. They might take you to the shops which you might not like at all.

So, these are some of the leading advantages and disadvantages of going for a holiday in Egypt Surfside Real Estate. All you need to do while enjoying a tour in the country is to avoid going into arguments. You might also try not to give any money to the beggars.

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