Sailing in Croatia: The perfect choice for this summer’s getaway


Enjoying the largest playing field – the sea this season sounds like a great plan for a unique and mind-blowing holiday…especially if you combine it with a carefully chosen destination and a cheerful group of friends that will make the holiday unforgettable.
To cut the doubts while choosing the destination for the upcoming holiday – a simple web search of the top summer destinations will probably help you make up your mind and choose Croatia and the attractive Adriatic coast.

Once you’ve chosen Croatia – the pleasant Croatian climate, the clearest sea, the enchanting nature and rich Croatian culture are all doubtlessly connected in one way: sailing.

There are many reasons why sailing is a good choice for anyone: just counting the health benefits of sailing such as stress release, mental wellness, cardiovascular health and many more – can be enough for choosing boat charter Croatia and make the best out of the summer ahead of you.

Once you’ve chosen the dates, the length of the trip and the starting point in Croatia – choosing the boat that fits your needs and personality via is the most convenient and easy way to start your vacation. From here on, you can freely daydream about that amazing upcoming trip and let your imagination flow while you prepare for the actual Croatian sailing fun.

One weak in Northern Croatia on a boat: Where to go and what to see?

Starting your boat charter Croatia holiday from the heart of Rovinj is a great start of the (probably) most pleasant summer experience you’ve ever had. Rovinj appears to have a lot more cultural and architectural value than most of the tourists expect. Despite this beauties that will probably take you at least one day for a full exploration – Rovinj’s coast and the over 20 islands and smaller islets are a protected heritage that make this part of Croatia a very special one.

Since the beauties of the Northern Adriatic are hidden almost everywhere, whichever way you choose to sail, you can’t go wrong.
Still, we recommend that you head up to the island of Susak, the unimaginable island set at around 25 nautical miles from Rovinj. This large island – the one that is privileged with the largest sandy beach from all Croatian islands will pleasantly surprise you with the lushness that somehow gives an imprint of an untouched place that kind of differs from the other bigger and crowded islands of the Adriatic.
If you got enough from the beautiful Susak wine and decided to go on sailing – we suggest that you head up to the Cres – Losinj archipelago and visit the island of Mali Losinj, easily accessible by boat and famous for its perfect climate that appears to be a cure for many visitors, starting from the 19 century on.  Another close and must-see spot is the inhabited island of Ilovik, known as the island of flowers – a colorful, catchy and picturesque island where you will find perfect little beaches set in small coves – a true Zen experience that will fill your body with nothing less than positive energy.

From here on, your boat vacation can go wherever your imagination leads you. There is no such thing as a bad choice in Croatia, so pack your bags and get prepared for the vacation of your dreams.  Have a delightful trip!

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