Serviced Apartments vs. Renting: Why ‘Aparthotels’ Come Out On Top


It has long been common knowledge that London has some of the most extortionate rental prices. One-bedroom apartments in the city centre come with an average rent of £1734 per month. And those are just the long-term lets – those staying in the city for a period of weeks or months are faced with poor accommodation for sky-high prices.

So, what’s the answer – suck it up and book a hotel? Besides the price, that will mean sacrificing all the independence and benefits of rented accommodation. On the other hand, settling for a sub-standard rented flat might leave you wishing for the service of a hotel.

It’s time to give serviced apartments a look.

Serviced apartments or ‘aparthotels’ are specifically designed for people in this quandary. They offer shorter-term contracts of a few weeks or months, so you don’t pay for any time you don’t spend living there. Aparthotels in London come with the helpful services of a hotel, but with the independence and privacy of a rental. It’s the perfect mix.

Not convinced? Here are four more reasons to give London aparthotels a look:

  1. Value for money

With rates guaranteed at the time of booking, and no need to pay for more weeks or months than you need, serviced apartments can be a competitive option for business or leisure travel. As an added bonus, the longer your contract, the cheaper the price per week.

  1. Choices, choices

For long-term renters in London, the harsh rental market can end up dictating a lot of choices. When it comes to serviced apartments, you’re back in control. What dates do you want to stay? Where exactly in London would be most convenient for you? It doesn’t matter if your business commitments change location with every visit – you can simply book into a different aparthotel.

On the flip side, serviced apartments save you from having to make other, annoying choices. Like: how can I furnish this flat before arriving? What should I do about utilities? All that tedium is taken care of.

  1. Where art thou, aparthotel?

The city of London is over 600 square miles. Each borough has its own unique character and attractions, and some will suit you better than others.

Unlike rental properties, which are unevenly distributed and cluster around the outer areas, serviced apartments are available for a range of budgets across the city. You can find budget or premium accommodation in the City, Westminster, Docklands – you name it. Simply choose your area then search for aparthotels in your price range.

  1. What’s the WiFi password, please?

When you opt for a rental property, there is no guarantee of what kind of amenities you can expect. A concierge? Chauffeurs? Office space? Forget it.

Serviced apartments start with high-level facilities as standard, which plenty of options to upgrade. Want superfast WiFi, a gym, or a 24/7 doorman? Whatever your needs, an aparthotel in London is your best bet.

Convinced but don’t know where to start? Try browsing for an aparthotel in London with LSA.

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