Should Women Attend Stag Dos?


Typically a bachelor party is commonly perceived as a male-only gathering. It is not the case that men wouldn’t except the company of their good female friends (after all the majority of the grooms is being married to a girl they love) but because of tradition that involves the groom and his male friends to have some quality time together before he enters marriage.

On the other hand, some recent analysis suggests that there is an increasing trend of women being part of a stag do weekends. This is majorly related to the number of men and women having stronger friend relationships with their female friends. Such stags are nicknamed sten do, or hag do.

More evidence tells us that there are a great number of incidences in recent years where stags and hen parties have been organized together. Some might say that there is better experience in throwing an special stag do weekend in Madrid, Riga, Valencia, or Krakow with a few best lady friends to maintain a positive atmosphere.

But is it OK to combine stag do and hen parties? Can women be an equal part of a stag do celebration? Well, there is no rules who can and cannot be allowed to attend a stag do night. In the end, it is up to the groom to decide, and it also depends on how the group is acting together.

We can not say that changing the traditions is a good thing and can work for everyone. Some men are not that openminded and they do not like having female friends on stags. Same way is in opposite direction. Some girls feel off if a men were to show up for a hen’s party.

Maybe that tradition is just an old-fashioned that stags are reserved just for men and hens are ladies-only events. That idea could use an upgrade or perhaps and the time is right to stop separating the ladies and the gents. Either way, it goes down to what you are comfortable with or what are the group’s preferences.

But some of the questions are still present, will bride find comfortable spending my special celebration with other ladies? Would I be OK to be at the hen’s party with my bride and her male friends? Would it feel different than her spending that time with her best female friends?

Can a lady be the best man?

Some men have very close bonds with their female friends that they grew up with or met a long time ago. Unfortunately, sometimes it gets a bit confusing when the guy is ready for that big step like marriage. Then question pos up: can a lady be his best man? And if the answer is positive, can she part of the stag do event?

A recent survey conducted on “freshly” married couples shows that 6% of the men interviewed preferred more having their sister as the woman of honor at their wedding and this number seems to increase constantly. Times are changing and these days it’s not strange at all to have the best woman for your wedding. And yes if you want her to be part of your stag do, then, by all means, you definitely should invite her.


Jealousy can play a major role in this relations and when it comes to taking care of your female friends in your stag do, your bride is going to feel more secure if you endorse her as your best woman. Besides that, if your bride knows you well enough and knows that your best friend is a lady, then she will be open for the possibility that she attends your stag do weekend. In fact, maybe she will feel calmer because of that.

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