When Traveling As A Family Take Turns Making Decisions


When traveling as a family, it is important that each family member’s needs and wishes are treated respectfully.  This is a family vacation and each person expects they are going to have fun and a good time.  One way of having the family vacation live up to everyone’s expectation is to take turns deciding what to do next.

If your children are small and the parents would like to do some adult activities, one parent could stay with the children while the other visits a museum, plays golf or does some other activity.  If the parents would like to do something together, some hotels offer babysitting and daycare services.  However, traveling with small children can be stressful at times, and a morning at the spa or on the golf course could be just what is needed to restore some calm and peace to your soul.

If the children are older, let them take turns choosing the next activity.  You may have set up a trip to a museum in the morning, but in the afternoon the kids may want to shop for presents for their friends, take a dune buggy tour, or just hang out in the pool area.

If they are twixt and teenagers, perhaps you could let them take turns planning an entire day.  Let them choose the activity, where to eat and what to see.  This will give them a sense of responsibility and confidence.  It will also give them a sense that they are an important part of the family.

Letting everyone have a say when traveling as a family will bring some fun and excitement to the family vacation.  You may even end up doing some things you would never have done otherwise.


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