Benefits of Having Travel Insurance for Canada


Canada is a beautiful country. If you are looking for an amazing location where you can experience solitude in the vast wilderness, Canada is there for you. There is Niagara Falls, Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park and so many other attractions that are a must for your travel plan. But there is one thing you should be careful about – Canada is at the top end of the North America continent and the weather is sometimes extremely cold over there. So, as a traveler, you must consider this fact and make sure that healthcare expenses do not affect your travel plans adversely and turn the trip into a less than worthwhile experience. So, opt for Canada travel insurance when you are planning your trip.

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Benefits of Canada Travel Insurance

Overseas travel insurance is the best way to secure your trip when you are travelling through unknown territories and people. Travel insurance gives you support in case of unexpected incidents in your trip such as, loss of luggage, loss of important documents, flight delays/ cancellation, medical emergencies, etc.

  • Medical Benefits: If you require emergency medical treatment during your trip to Canada, a travel insurance policy will cover the expenses of treatment as well as the daily allowance during the time of hospitalization.
  • Dental Benefits: If you need to get any dental treatment on your trip to Canada, the travel insurance policy will cover the dental care expenses.
  • Cancellation benefits: If your Canada travel plan is disrupted due to health issues or an unexpected event, the travel insurance policy will cover the amount of prepaid tickets, up to the limit of sum insured in the policy.
  • Travel benefits: If you end up losing your luggage, passport or any other important documents in Canada, travel insurance will compensate you for the expenses incurred in getting them back.
  • Legal Benefits: If you need to get legal assistance in case of claims towards third party liabilities, the travel insurance policy will cover all legal costs and expenses.
  • Home Insurance Benefits: If anything happens to your home, may be incidents of fire and burglary, your travel insurance will also cover the loss/damage to your property while you are on your trip to Canada.
  • Compassionate Visit Benefits: If the policy holder needs to be hospitalized for more than 5 days while on a trip to Canada, the travel insurance will compensate the cost of travelling, lodging and boarding of the immediate family members.

Also, you need to be aware about what all things are not covered under the travel insurance policy. Medical expenses for the treatment of pre-existing medical conditions are not covered. Apart from that, non-allopathic and experimental treatments, cosmetic surgeries, self-inflicted injuries, treatments which can be delayed, hazardous activities and adventure sports, and military/war related activities are not covered by a travel insurance policy. So, make sure that you avail travel insurance before you start your travel to Canada. And also make sure that you get your travel insurance policy from reputed insurance providers such as Bharti AXA.

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