How Will I Be Sure That a Hotel I’m Interested in Staying is Eco Friendly


What has come to be known as a “green hotel” is an environmentally friendly hotel which geared toward making a minimal impact on the earth’s environment while at the very same time keep on providing guests with the very best services possible.

There are large and small matters which can be taken to save the likes of water, cut down on electricity usage, and making sure to recycle. And, nearly all of the ways in which a hotel is eco-friendly are not what the guests see, and happen behind the scenes, but there are times when a green hotel has to depend on the assistance of the guests also.

Indeed, you should all ensure that your hotel is run in an environmentally friendly way, which helps greatly to remove a lot of stress away from the eco-system.

Showers and Toilets

  • For water savings, a lot of green hotels fit devices in every room to lower the water consumption of guests without them doing anything differently at all.
  • Modern low-flow showerheads will cut back on how much water is used during showering minus any shortening the shower’s duration.
  • Also, low-flow toilets now use much less water per flush than standard toilets.


  • As you may have already seen, linen cards to hang on the room’s door provide guests with the opportunity to use their towels again should they be staying more than the one night.
  • This helps to reduce the amount of laundry the hotel must do.

Energy Saving Devices

  • Eco-friendly hotels frequently make use of:
  • Energy-saving light bulbs
  • Motion sensors in public areas
  • Heating units that switch off when rooms are empty

Waste Management

  • This has also become a big issue and part of the mission of a many a green hotel.
  • Some have started a recycling programme which cuts back on items which get dumped in landfills, while others ask their vendors to deliver products in minimal sized containers and wrapping.

More on Vendors

Green hotels depend on their vendors as much as their guests to assist in helping nature out.

  • Some environmental agencies now have a list of eco-friendly vendors for specific products from things like soap and tea/coffee to laundry apparatus and even electric vehicles used for taxi services.

Simply Doing the Right Thing

By going green, it not only makes less of an impact on the earth’s environment, but the savings in costs will go straight back to the hotel. Now that sounds about right!

  • After the recovery of any costs which were spent on the initial investments, the green hotel will then find out to their delight that lowering the use of water and electricity, equals lower bills.

With the helpful assistance of all guests, these great hotels can then also lower the amount of rubbish is placed in landfills and turn much of it over to professional recycling centres.

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