Go on a cheap yacht charter holiday this summer


Ever wanted to spend a few weeks in the Mediterranean on a yacht, but thought it would be too expensive? Maybe it’s time to reconsider cancelling those plans. Zizoo.com is the number one cheap yacht charter with the best price guarantee for you. It offers a platform where you can easily find the right boat and destination for you, the same way Airbnb and Booking.com does.

Many people still believe that sailing is the preserve of the rich and privileged and think sailing holidays are out of the their reach. However with the many deals that are promoted on the website, a sailing holiday might be just the way you spend your summer.

Zizoo.com will help you pick the perfect boat for you, help you plan a sailing route with recommendations on what to see and do, plan your airport pickup or with any other custom request.


The Mediterranean is one of the hotspots for a sailing holiday. Top destinations such as Greece and Croatia offer the best experiences as you have the option to go island hopping islands such as Crete, Santorini and Zakyntos, or sail along one of the most impressive coastlines in the world: the Dalmatian Coast. Other options are sailing in the waters around the Balearen islands like Mallorca and Ibiza.


When it comes to sailing, there is no place that ranks higher than the Caribbean. The Caribbean island are a guarantee for tropical conditions and experiencing the real laid-back island vibe. Circumnavigate St Maarten or go ashore at the Cuban city Cienfuegos. Alternate your sailing voyages with a relaxing afternoon at one the beaches or sip your cocktail while enjoying the sun set in the Caribbean Sea.


Want to charter a yacht, but don’t have the permit for it? Why not book a yacht charter in Holland and spend some time in Friesland and on the IJsselmeer. The boat is located in Woudsend in the middle of the lake district of Friesland, in between Lemmer and Sneek. It is one of the best regions to explore the culture of the Netherlands. Want to see more of the Netherlands? Start your journey in Amsterdam or Cadzand.


The website Zizoo.com offers last minute deals as well, with discounts reaching up to 51%. Always wanted to sail the Dalmatian coast in Croatia? This is your chance. For 3200 euro per week you can charter your own yacht located in Trogir, that accommodates up to 12 people. So for less than 300 euros you can explore the nation of a thousand islands, wander through the winding streets of walled cities and savour the local specialties and wines in the best local restaurants.

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