How Do You Plan to Get around Town?


Dorchester is a nice locale in which to live. The country town is located between Bridport and Poole and can be accessed via the A35 truck route. If you are not familiar with this part of the UK and you are visiting Dorset County, you will need to get around town.

Taking in the Sights

This can be more easily accomplished if you hire one of the taxis in Dorchester to take you around town. By taking this approach, you can see the countryside and scenery in a more relaxed state. Take a taxi so that you can see places such as the following:

  • The Dorset County Museum
  • The Maiden Castle, a nice natural site that offers beautiful views and paths
  • Max Gate, the 19th-century home of Thomas Hardy
  • The Dorset Teddy Bear Museum, a place to see a collection of antique and life-size teddy bears

A Jurassic Holiday

As you can see, you have a wide variety of unique choices in sites when you visit this town in the UK. This area, located in southwest England, is adjacent to the English Channel. It has been referred to as the Jurassic Coast because it is home to a number of old and interesting geological formations.

If you do not want to deal with traffic and wish to get to your destinations without difficulty, contact a taxi service when you arrive in town to ensure the best possible travel experience. This is the ideal place to see if you are on a short break or weekend holiday. Experience sparkling sands, great evening entertainment, and an escape you can enjoy without hiring a rental car.

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