Reasons to Visit Sydney on Holiday


Sydney is one Australian city that many people from all corners of the globe come to visit at least once in their lifetimes and this is true of even other Australians going on holiday from other states. No matter from where you travel to arrive in this city, you are sure to enjoy some of the most spectacular attractions, eateries, and whale watching opportunities you can imagine. If you come during the whale migration season, whale watching alone is enough of a reason to visit Sydney because this is your chance to see the world’s largest animals on their way to their nesting ground while they grow their own families and travel the world.

Beaches and Whales

There are many beaches to enjoy off the coast of Sydney and many Europeans who visit this city can often be seen slathering on sunscreen as if it is a competition. This is, of course, very good form because the Australian sun is famous for being particularly gifted at causing severe burns on the skin and the beach is one place where you will have many hours of fun under its rays. There are many amazing beaches to enjoy, such as Palm Beach, which is located just an hour’s drive through the beautiful northern suburbs along the A8 coastal road.

If you come during whale watching season, and you simply must do so, whale watching tours in Sydney are available to ensure that you truly get to watch these amazing animals as they go along their natural course. Whales are enormous, highly intelligent creatures that dine on some of the ocean’s smallest and simplest animals: krill. A single whale can eat more than a tonne of krill in a single day, and they will continue to do this every day of their lives until the day they pass on. Watching them breach the surface to feed, sing, and catch a bit of fresh air is truly spectacular.


Although fish and chips is certainly a very popular dish over in Sydney, you may not be able to find anyone having it with malt vinegar. Instead, the dish may be served with freshly-squeezed lemon and mayonnaise, and there are many more wonderful dishes to be enjoyed while in the city. No matter if you love great seafood or want to try something altogether different, you can find it right inside the city in one of its hundreds of eateries, cafés, and coffee shops, especially if you attend the city in the afternoon when many of these shops are open.

Australia is an island continent, meaning that you can find some of the most unique and interesting seafood on which to dine while you are in the city. If you are adventurous enough and perhaps willing to spend just a bit on the meal, you can find something new to eat that has been caught just the morning before it graces your plate for every single meal of your stay. There are, of course, many additional dishes that have no seafood in them at all and you could try some of the many amazing cocktails and other drinks available while exploring the nightlife of the city after sundown.


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