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Located in Southeast Asia, Philippines is a destination loved by one and all. If you have not ticked it off your bucket list, now is the time to do so. Head over to the beautiful land and get the entire footage on your drone. The country has more than a thousand islands which are surrounded by sparkling seas and heavenly beaches. Head to the beautiful destination and share your experience with the world using your drone. Drone uses state of the art technology to allow you to capture high quality images and videos of your travel experiences. Carry your drone with you on your next holiday and capture the precious moments.

An online platform for drone enthusiasts

You can now share all your drone videos on a website that is specially designed for the love of drone enthusiasts.Share Philippines drones videos on AirVuz and connect with a vast community of like minded individuals. AirVuz is a website designed to allow individuals to share their drone videos. Specially meant for the purpose of sharing the videos, it has a number of categories for you to choose from.

Based on the type of video shot by you, you can choose the category from the simple to navigate drop down table and upload your video within minutes. There are hundreds of videos for you to browse from. Even if you do not own a drone and are willing to learn more about its use, you can do the same by watching the videos. If you are planning to purchase a drone in the near future, you can gain insights into making optimum use of the same. By simply watching the videos, you can learn a lot about the technology and the excellent results produced by the drone. The website is suitable for amateurs and professionals and has a simple and hassle free method to upload the videos.

Get a feedback on your videos

If you are headed to the Philippines in the near future, ensure you capture the beauty of the picturesque destination and share the same with fellow members of the community. You can view some of the top videos on the website and like, comment and share the same. You can also receive feedback from the members and learn to make the most of your drone. Drones have become an important part for travelers, explorers and photographers. They can easily capture natural beauty from a significant height and showcase the same to the world.

Drones are widely used by travel and sports enthusiasts. They use them to capture the extreme sports in a classic manner. Sports videos shared on the website show how beautifully the entire sport has been captured. It will definitely give you an adrenaline rush while you watch it. You can browse through a wide range of sports videos that have been uploaded on the website. It includes various adventure sports and water sports. Capturing the activity through a drone has its own charm. If you are an adventure enthusiast or a sports lover, you will be able to view a number of videos on the website.

Upload unlimited videos for no cost

AirVuz had been developed by a drone enthusiast and in no time it has become a premium online website that is preferred by drone owners. There are a wide number of community members who are constantly uploading videos and sharing their work with the world. You can join the community by using your email address or your Facebook account and after registering, you can immediately start uploading the videos for free. You can upload unlimited videos free of cost and gain feedback and review on your work.

AirVuz was launched in 2015; it is a blend of user generated content and original programming. It has garnered popularity in no time and is a preferred online site for emerging Drone age. If you have a passion for shooting and are a drone enthusiast, you can be a part of a wide community and grow your audience. The online video sharing platform will allow you to feature your work alongside some of the best artists in the industry. You will be able to learn, unlearn and grow your love for drones. Drones are widely used across various industries and the website allows users to make the most of their drone by learning about its use in different sectors. With a wide category to choose from, you will be able to showcase your work in a manner that is easy for viewers to locate.

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