Things Motorhome Dealers Want You To Know


So, you want to buy a motorhome and travel Australia? What a fabulous idea. Of course, to do so, you need to do some background research on price, style, and expectations. You’ll have to determine several things, whether you want a luxurious Winnebago or a simple campervan.

Shopping for a motorhome takes time and research and isn’t like going into the grocery store to buy a gallon of milk. Don’t rush the experience.

Before just visiting any old dealership, there are some things that your dealer would want you to know. Check out the following information to help you have a better experience while shopping for the motorhome of your dreams:

  • If you shop during off-season, dealers will probably be offering better prices. While this isn’t necessarily something that they’ll tell you off bat, it’s a common-known secret amongst dealerships that off-season means more affordable prices for the buyer. Motorhome dealerships want to move the product, so they can make room for newer inventory and make more money next season.
  • They know how to negotiate and they know competitors’ prices, so if you’re trying to bargain without having done the work, you may find yourself looking a bit uneducated and worse yet, without a motorhome. It won’t do you any good to try to get an unfairly low price on a vehicle. Just as you wouldn’t like to be overcharged for a motorhome, the dealer doesn’t want to be taken for a fool and have to deal with uninformed hagglers. Inform yourself if you’re ready to bargain with a dealer. A smart bargainer may even impress a dealer when they know what they’re talking about.
  • They aren’t going to sell motorhomes cheap at a trade show. At least not at the beginning. At the end, a motorhome dealer may be willing to go down a notch on that Winnebago you’ve been eyeing. It’s all about timing when shopping for a motorhome.
  • No one wants to sell you a faulty product necessarily, but a dealer may be okay with letting some information to slide when showing you a vehicle. They may even hope that you catch on and ask questions, but not every person thinks to do their research when shopping. Don’t feel silly asking the necessary questions; after all, buying a motorhome is a big investment.
  • They’re there to sell you an RV. Some of them will be honest and ask for a fair price for a good motorhome. Others are mostly worried about selling as quickly as they can to meet a quota and will pressure you to buy. There are good dealers out there who are making an honest buck and they want you to know that they’re selling you the good stuff. Throughout life, one must learn how to differentiate between an honest sell and a nervous salesman just looking to make extra money.
  • They know about RV’s, but they may not know your lifestyle and what interests you. While you can go in without an idea of what you are looking for and they can help, they appreciate a customer who knows what they are looking for and how to look for it. At least an honest dealer will appreciate a smart customer who is wise about the way to spend their money.
  • They know the tricks of the trade, so to speak. They know how to make something like a deal when its really not. They know how make something appear better than it is. They know the current market and the fair prices, so if you really want to get a good deal on a motorhome, get informed yourself on the ins and outs of the world of RV dealerships.
  • They will inflate prices at special shows where supposedly they are offering a great deal on motorhomes. Innocent buyers that have no clue will quickly jump on what seems like “special price,” when all these dealers are doing is getting rid of inventory they may no longer want on their lot.

Purchasing an RV is tricky. It’s all about navigating the world of salesmen who want to make a buck while possibly selling you a faulty RV. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t honest dealers out there.

What a buyer needs to do to find the right dealership and the right deal is to do a bit of background research. Go to different lots, compare prices, look online for information, as well as reviews. Be smart about such a big investment. Buying an RV (used or new) isn’t like buying new living room furniture.

Whether you want a Winnebago or Adria caravan, there are several dealerships that you can go to for trustworthy business. Dealers who are there to help you make a good decision. Avoid ones who pressure to buy as quickly as possible and take it easy while shopping for a motorhome.

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