Upper Mustang Trek Level Difficulty


Lot of traveler coming to Nepal often ask me – Is trekking only for a top notch people who are physically fit and young. The terrain of Nepal is different. If you have an experience in hiking in the alps, Nepal is no longer different for you. The only difference is Nepal has 8 of the highest mountains in the world. The high altitude is the only different in Nepal compared to others countries, but the combination of two goes with a Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang is one of the most popular trekking destination in Nepal which is close to the Tibet Border. The rich cultural Tibetan culture society, marvelous landscape, rain shadow zone attract thousands of trekker every year. Upper Mustang is the best trek for the people, who are afraid of altitude and want to explore the culture and different terrain.

The culture and thousands year old cave are another two factors that attract most of the tourist in the region. Often it is known as rain shadow zone, so it won’t encounter any heavy rainfall. Thus, this route can be done in June July as well.

The government of Nepal charges $500 permit for 10 days upper mustang region permit, which is quite expensive. The tourist can only go their via authorized travel agency. They will normally allowed guide and porter for the trek.

If you are looking of Upper Mustang Trekking information, there are hardly no website that can provide an accurate information. The government of Nepal is now building the roadway till the border of Tibet. The off road can be done via vehicles as well, but the trekking has indefinite fun. Most of the people want to go to upper mustang in the Tiji festival which is one of the famous festival of that region. If you are lucky enough, you can also meet the kind of that region. Upper Mustang used to be the forbidden kingdom that is ruled by the separate king.

There are lot of caves that are thousand years old. The old cave is fantastic with a thousand years old painting. There are old monasteries, old books that has been a major part of the society. You have to pay around $10 to center to the monasteries.

The best part of the trip is horse riding from Lo Manthang. This is definitely a fun with an unique experience. You can ride a horse at 4000 meter above sea level. Isn’t that cool?

I have hiked in various part of Nepal. The beauty of the mountains in Nepal is magnificent, but if you found something else than mountain with a rich cultural diversity place, upper Mustang is the one for you.

Everything you saw will be different in that region from landscape to people. The Tibetan people are amazing and welcoming. The other marvelous thing about that place is a guy from Italy who is working in that region for about 17 years to prevent the art in different monasteries. The conversation with him about the arts and his reason to stay in Lo Manthang was another prestigious things to hear this trip.

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