Whitehaven Beach Voted top 10 in the World


If you want to enjoy the beauty of Australia, then no doubt you should take Whitsundays Day Trip, and get mesmerized by the stunning beauty of that place. As for Whitsundays Day Trip, you will experience many things that you will not find on any other beach in Australia. And in the Whitsundays, there is a beach which is known to be one of the top beaches in the world, and that beach is Whitehaven Beach. Among all the Whitsundays Islands this one is the largest among all of them. And if you do not believe in the beauty of this beach then you can see several pictures of this island on the internet. This beach is full of natural wonders with the crystal clear water. So if you have decided to experience the beauty of Whitehaven beach then for sure you are going to need a Whitsundays Day Trip.

One Day Trip

This is basically a one day trip to different beaches of Whitsundays. No doubt in this trip you would be having a lot more activities to do. While relaxing on the Whitehaven beach you can go for surfing or swim in the cool and clear water. But if you are tired and not in a mood to do anything then next best thing to do on this beach is just to lay down, and enjoy the sunlight till the time comes to go. And if you are not tired after swimming in the water, then there is also another activity for you on Whitehaven Beach. And that is hiking in the forest of this beach. You will reach on the south side of the beach, and from here you will be guided about all the activities and your time of stay on this beach. And there is also an exciting place to visit on this Whitehaven beach, and that is Hill Inlet which is situated on the very north side of the beach.


This beach is not just known for the beauty, but it also has a long history related to this beach and to the people who lived here in the ancient times. All of these islands basically belonged to Ngaros who used to live here, but later they moved to other parts of the Australia. And left these islands abandoned. So here you will also learn about the history of those people and this largest and beautiful beach ever. Without any doubt, this beach would let you enter into another world of imaginations where you would feel about the lives of the people who would live in such a beautiful beach. You should also know that this beach has never been changed till today.

Rules and Regulations

This beach is in its original state since it was formed, and in order to ensure the beauty of this beach, the government has made sure that there should be no public building, or some other entertainment facility available for the tourists. And if you want to entertain yourself on this beach, then the only option you have to choose the natural methods to do that. Furthermore, there will be no snack shops or toilets available, so make sure that before you arrive here prepare well for your hunger. Before you set out on the trip better thing is to purchase some snacks, and also make sure that it is not allowed to through any litter on these islands.

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