Expolre Punjab; Choose a Place for Your Holiday Destination in This Summer


A few words that come to the mind with the very first mention of Punjab are – opulence, riches, beauty, valor and essentially everything larger than life. The vibrancy of their culture, the uber delicious food, foot tapping music and warm and welcoming people is what defines this small patch of land in the map of India.

For a traveler, it is not possible to fathom the spirit of Punjab in just a brief stay. However, there are a few places where you can visit to get a few glimpses of a lifestyle that is so close to soil and yet so very exuberant. The memories you will make in Punjab is surely going to be some of the most curated moments in your traveller’s collectibles. If you are thinking to travel to Punjab then you can contact to lots of tour and travel operators who can help you organize your trip.

Stay In A Farmhouse – You Will Get The Smell Of The Soil

There are two types of travelers. One, the traditional traveler who likes to go by the list of ‘places to visit in and around’ a particular travel destination. And the other, who likes to explore and experience a place in a more profound manner. This article is for the latter. The ones who love to go deep into the culture, the people, the food they eat and the life they lead. They are the ones who will be out with just a back pack and a camera trying to live and capture every moment.

If you are planning to visit Punjab, putting up in a farm house will help you to live every moment of your vacation to the fullest. Why? Because it will show you the way of life that is so close to the soil. Get glimpses of a life that is full of opulence and grandeur, a culture so vibrant, and men who have defined valor and zest to the rest of the world since time immemorial – and above all the soil that make all this possible. The farm houses give you the best opportunity to see the traditional Punjabi lifestyle from close quarters.

Planning a farmhouse holidays in Punjab will help you give you the best of both the worlds – the beauty of nature and glimpse of a completely organic lifestyle. This kind of a vacation is particularly looked forward by the people who are tired of surviving from one deadline to another, from morning to night and from one concrete to another. For people who are looking for some fresh air and pristine environment away from the crowd, noise and pollution of the city life, there are some of the most wonderful properties in Punjab that will help you to refresh and rejuvenate yourself.

 A Few Farmhouse In Punjab That Are Worth Visiting

Different farmhouses have different things to offer. However, one thing that all of them will most definitely have is the picturesque view of nature. A few of such wonderful farmhouses are listed below:

Ananda @ The Satluj – A farm resort nestled in the arms of the lofty hills, farms from all sides and the River Satluj flowing by silently. Apart from warm and cozy cottages made of locally sourced materials the resort offers food made out of farm fresh vegetables and pulses.

Kailash Farms – Embraced by the greens and an in –house pool makes this farm stay a perfect heaven for the guests. Add to this the warm and hospitable demeanor of the resort staff that will make you want to come back again and again.

Kikar Lodge – Set at the foothills of the Shivalik Hills, Kikar lodge gives you the most panoramic view and relaxing stay for its guests.

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