How to See India by Train


India is a huge country, not only in size but more in terms of rich culture and enthralling landscapes. The architecture, history, and a variety of traditions in different corners have always contributed to the popularity of the nation. When there’s the talk of travelling across India, mentioning train is a must. Trains are a comfortable and convenient medium to go places to places in India. The amazing thing about trains is that they are affordable for everyone. It offers seats ranging from a low class to luxury compartments for the passengers. Amazing, isn’t it? Besides, trains are perfect to discover the best and most exotic locations in India both during the journey and after reaching a destination. Get your backpack ready and move on a journey with all the right attitude. Here are some handy tips for travelling PAN India by trains.

Indrail Pass for Foreign Nationals

Foreign travellers should buy Indrail Pass from a travel agency before going to India. Why? Having this pass, you don’t have to make a reservation in trains of Indian railway when you travel in India. This special pass ranges from $11 to $1060 and offers unlimited travel to a particular period of days. One should go for it, it’s worth the investment.

Check Online

Earlier, enquiring and booking train tickets was not less than a mess taking a lot of your time. Thanks to online platforms, we now can easily enquire a train schedule, book tickets, check PNR status, and more. Login to the Indian Railways or related sites to have every information available for your journey. It’s the transparency of online medium that you can select the most optimal deal by comparing it with other offers. They also highlight facilities onboard so you can have every detail beforehand.

Go for The Best Itineraries

Travelling PAN India can be difficult as every corner of the country has so much to offer. So, knowing the best destinations and most amazing scenic routes will help you cut down unnecessary time and effort. You can start with the Golden Triangle which includes Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Travelling between these places, the best option is private luxury trains that offer world-class services and amazing travel experience for the passengers. Some of the names are Golden Chariot, Maharajas’ Express, and Palace on Wheels and all follow a different route across India.

A Piece of Advice for Female Travellers

India can be a completely new experience for female travellers as this is not really common here. However, slowly, both men and women are starting off travelling alone. Don’t worry as you would be excited to see the welcoming nature of the people on trains. Even if you are travelling for one, two, or more hours, make friends especially with families that you will encounter most on a train. If you are going to take a nap during the daytime, better to take an upper berth. Apart from this, having some local knowledge will enhance your travelling experience.

Cover India’s most attractive and exquisite spots in a very convenient carriage, trains. Get on the train that fulfills your needs while travelling and make infinite memories of this incredible country.

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