Women Motorbike Riders


We always saw that Motorcycle appeared on the scene to give an addition to a man with macho appeal. Thus a bike has become subservient to a man. The role of women bikers received very less importance and publicity. But today the winds of change are blowing and many women are taking to riding motorbikes. In fact as of now 20% of all bike riders in USA are women so as in other countries of the world too. You can find some of the developing countries like India, Sri Lanka etc. women riders of two wheelers are upswing and increasing and large numbers of women are riding these days on motorcycles. However, maximum women prefer riding in scooters and bike riders as women are still few and far between.

Women can be master on these machines and can become as proficient in riding on motorbike as men. However, women may face some limitation related to the size and weight of the bike that can be of some nuisance value. Either it is men or women, safety is always the primary things to be consider while riding bikes. Starting from jackets, helmet, boots, pants to womens riding gloves, everything needs to be perfect while riding bike for the safety purpose.

Lifting a bike from the ground can be tough as it may fall on its side. This can be a ordeal as lifting a 500kg bike could tax the strength of a girl. However, there is a trick which can be gain by practicing this in the garage at home or nearby your home. The bike needs to be lifted up and slowly put on its side stand. Another problem that may occur is the kick to start a bike for women. That can be obviated as self-start bikes are available.

Woman who is riding a bike must be mentally adjust herself and should have self confidence that she can easily handle the machine. Confidences can easily winning the half of the battle. Another thing is that women should have the capability of changing the tires. These are not so difficult but the key is all about practice and dedication. Whatever it is required, never forget to wear helmet. In fact you can compare Suomy helmet prices to other branded helmets for your own safety.

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