10 most delicious Nigerian Cuisine


Among all its beauty and magnificence, Nigerian cuisine is known to be a list of some of the most delicious dishes in Africa to make you full and really happy. Let’s see how Nigerian chefs change some ingredients to amazing food.

The top delicious Nigerian cuisine

Here in Nigeria, you’ll see interesting and authentic cuisine as a result of the different ethnic groups living in this area. Additionally, these meals are nutritious including healthy ingredients. Let’s now check some of the top delicious Nigerian cuisines.

  1. Fish and yam stew

This is an easy and fast dish made of simple ingredients like any fish, yam, different vegetables and spices chosen by you. You can add some tomatoes, peppers, onions to the yam and fish.

  1. Beef and spaghetti stew

Oh, spaghetti, who doesn’t love spaghetti? absolutely, no one, we all love it and prepare it many times a week, but Nigerians add some extras to make it unique, especially a beef stew which is made of beef, onions, peppers, tomatoes, seasoning cube, spices.

  1. Rice and meat with vegetables

Rice is considered the main ingredient for most Nigerian meals. Additionally, making rice and vegetable soup can be a perfect meal for any Nigerian family. It is tasty as well as healthy dinner.

  1. Semovita with okra soup

Although it takes some time to be cooked, it still one of the top Nigeria traditional national meals.

It consists of semovita powder and okra soup, a. a mixture of fish, okra, spices, and different kinds of vegetables.

We, at Travelstart team, loves Nigerian food.

5- Suya

You can do it at home or buy it from street vendors, but you should try it

It is made from a lot of ingredients including different kinds of vegetables, peanuts, beef steak, mushrooms, etc..

It is easy, healthy and easy to make.

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