What You Can Expect From Exeter’s Most Timely And Timeless Pub


Few places are more ingrained in the fabric of a city than its pubs. If you doubt that, consider all the great thinkers and writers who’ve frequented them over the years. We see pubs pop up in everything from Shakespeare’s plays to Dickens novels to the wizarding fare of J.K. Rowling today. What’s more, pubs have quite a staying power, and the best ones can even last for centuries. That endurance is due in no small part to the role pubs play in fostering community.

To continue fostering that sense of community as times change means it is necessary to run a place that is both timely and timeless – and that, along with the best food, drink, and service in the city, is precisely what you’ll get from the best pub in Exeter!

A Community Place

As stated, the best pubs survive, in part, because they become an invaluable part of the local community. The best pubs in the Exeter area are no exception. They regularly work with charities in the area, host local events, and give local teams a welcoming place to practice.

Pub and Restaurant Services

What’s more, the best pub and restaurant in Exeter offers the following variety of services, all adding up to an excellent experience:

  • An atmosphere that is both lively as well as child-friendly
  • A vast selection of beers, both draught and bottled
  • A dog-friendly environment
  • Special rooms which can be rented out for banquets or other functions
  • Wi-Fi
  • A cosy restaurant environment
  • Wheelchair access
  • Christmas and other holiday lunches
  • A perfect venue for working lunches for businesses

Visit today and enjoy one of the great enduring community hotspots in Exeter!

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